Chicco Bebecare Easy Tech - Car Seat Reminder

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Chicco Universal Child Reminder 

The Chicco BebeCare Easy-Tech is a safety-related accessory for your child car seat, which reminds you that your child is still sitting in the child car seat when getting out of the car.  The safety system is suitable for being used with all child car seats. The clip is to be attached to the harness of the child car seat or else on your car’s own seat belt. For the installation of this safety device you will need a smartphone with Bluetooth as well as the corresponding app (available for Android and iOS). The installation only takes a few minutes, then the Chicco BebeCare Easy-Tech automatically connects. Activate the clip before starting your car journey by attaching and locking it. When you have arrived at the destination, the Chicco BebeCare Easy-Tech is to be opened and thus deactivated. Equipped with a dual alarm system, the device sends a reminder to your smartphone when you leave your child alone in the vehicle. The first alarm runs 40 seconds. If this alarm is not deactivated, the app will send an alarm signal of the second level along with GPS coordinates to the emergency contacts.


  • Safety-related accessory for child car seats
  • Universal use
  • Reminds you if you forget your child in the car
  • Easy installation
  • App is available for Android and iOS
  • Equipped with double alarm system
  • Dimensions: W 4.3 x H 7.4 x D 1.8 cm
  • Weight: 240 g


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