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Summer & Travelling Essentials With New Baby

Summer & Travelling Essentials With New Baby

Posted by Olivia Roche on 9th Apr 2024

Finally, Summer is on the way! The countdown to a family getaway is closer than you can imagine. As mothers and fathers, ourselves, we already know that packing for a holiday without a baby is busy enough, so we understand that packing for yourself and a baby can be overwhelming.

Here at Eurobaby we want to help you and make life as a parent run that bit smoother. We want you to enjoy adventuring the world with your baby no matter how long or far the journey is. Traveling with a new-born during the summer can be both exciting and challenging. While it's a great opportunity to create lasting memories, it also requires careful planning and packing to ensure your baby's comfort and safety. We have put this guide together in hope to make travelling and the summer months that little bit less over whelming. Happy parents = happy babies and a holiday makes us all happier!

Things to think about

Planning a trip is exciting, it is always nice to have something to look forward too. With a new addition to bring along with on these trips, there are a few things to consider ensuring your trip runs smoothly.

  • How old does a baby have to be to travel on a plane? There is no specific age for this question, it is just recommended that a baby must be over 7 days old to travel. Waiting a week or two before bringing them on a plane gives their immune system a chance to develop. As a parent you will know when it feels right to bring your baby away.
  • Location: Will baby be able to handle the climate of the chosen destination and how long the duration of the flight will be.
  • Packing: What are the essential items you need to pack to make sure you are prepared for the climate.
  • Travel Cot: Does the hotel have a complimentary travel cot or will you need to bring one.

Tips on what to bring on your long awaited getaway

  • Lightweight Stroller: We would always recommend purchasing a lightweight stroller for any holiday. Look for a stroller that is compact, practical and it is always a bonus if it has a reclining seat that will accommodate little one’s naps on the go. A travel stroller with a large sun canopy will provide ample shade during the sunny weather. The Joolz Aer+, Cybex Coya and Bugaboo Butterfly and the top 3 trending and most popular holiday strollers as they are airline overhead approved.
  • Portable Changing Mat: A portable changing mat is a lifesaver when you’re on the go. It ensures you are prepared for nappy changes no matter where you are. It provides a clean and safe place for you to change their nappy. Opt for one that is compact and easy to wipe down.
  • Baby Carrier: If you are planning a trip and you have a new-born as well as toddlers purchasing a baby carrier or sling for your trip is always handy to have. It allows you keep your little one even closer to you and keep your hands free. You could hold your toddlers hand too so no one ever feels left out. A good baby carrier should provide spine support for baby.
  • Sun Protection: Protecting your baby’s delicate skin from the suns rays is always a top priority. If you are travelling somewhere that has a hot climate, we would always recommend packing the below:
  • -Sun Cream is almost the first essential you need when going somewhere hot.
  • -Sunshade, even if your stroller has a sun canopy a sunshade is always handy to have to pop on the stroller. It’s like a breathable blackout blind for a pram and creates a dark, cool place for your baby to sleep.
  • -Parasol, this is so handy to pop on your stroller and you will always be able to find a universal parasol.
  • Travel Friendly Travel Cot: Ensure your baby has a safe and comfortable place to sleep while travelling. Most travel cots are compact, easy to assemble, and provides a familiar sleeping environment for your new-born to sleep.
  • Snacks!!!! Make sure you have lots of snacks to keep anyone who is traveling happy.

Returning to reality after a holiday with a new-born

Returning to normality after a holiday with a baby can be both exciting and challenging. Here are some tips to help ease the transition:

  • Gradual Transition: Ease back into your routine gradually. Attempting to get back into routine as soon as you return can be very difficult and overwhelming for both you and the baby.
  • Be-Flexible: Especially if you are travelling home from a time difference location it may take time for little one to adjust back into regular nap and bedtime routines. You need to have the patience on a Saint for this transition period.
  • Give Yourself Grace: Transitioning back to normalcy can be exhausting, especially if you've been traveling or had a busy holiday. Give yourself permission to take it easy and prioritize self-care.

Traveling with a new-born during the summer requires thoughtful planning and packing of essential items to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both parents and baby. By investing in lightweight gear, prioritizing sun protection, and being prepared for any situation, you can create unforgettable memories while exploring new destinations with your little one. Safe travels!