Tiny Love Tiny Dreamer Projector - Into The Wild

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The Tiny Love Tiny Dreamer Projector Soother combines the function of a night light, projector and music box to make your little one gently float away into dreamland in the soothing light and calming music tunes. The music box function recreates built in 17 lullabies, white noise and also allows you to upload your child's favorite songs by built in USB port. The crying sensor automatically activates sound and music when the little one starts to wake up the projector automatically turns off after 15, 30 or 50 minutes. The music box has the friendly face of Marie The Hedgehog, Whose can be seen in other products from The Tiny Love In The Meadow Collection.


Tiny Dreamer Projector Features

Suitable from first month

Friendly Into the Forest™ design

3 in 1: night light, projector and music box

Helps to gently soothe your little baby to sleep

Includes delicate night light projector

The crying sensor function automatically switches on music and projection

Built-in MP3 player fills the nursery with your favourite tunes

Includes 17 ready lullabies or white noise option

Automatic timer that turns off after 15, 30 or 60 minutes

Secure handle for carrying along

Built-in rechargeable battery and USB port

Includes USB cable


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