Maxi Cosi Rodi AirProtect

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  • Rodi AirProtect - Nomad Red
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  • Rodi AirProtect - Nomad Black
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Age Range,


Age Range:
4 yrs - 12 yrs


The Maxi Cosi Rodi AirProtect provides your child with the best safety and comfort. The side impact technology is specially designed to protect your child in case of an accident, reducing the risk of head and neck injury by 20%. Installed with the car seat belt, the Rodi AirProtect is adjustable in height and offers multiple recline positions ensuring your child remains safe and comfortable as they grow. Additionally, its lightweight shell allows for a quick and easy transfer between cars.

Rodi AirProtect Features

Suitable from: 15 - 36kg (3.5-12 years old)

AirProtect technology

Side protection system

Multiple Recline positions

Adjustable in height (grows with your child)

Installed by car seat belt

Removable cover which you can clean easily

Lightweight (easily transferred between cars)


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