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Igloo - Universal footmuff

Maximum comfort for your baby. Perfect for walks with your little one!


  • New seat-shaped design to hug the seat with 2 rear elastic straps for underneath to fit the pushchairs better.
  • Soft, plush inner fabric, elastic and adjustable hood (not removable).
  • Foot cover with three opening options.
  • Interior with vertical opening that can be adjusted with the crutch strap buckle.
  • 2 in 1 feature - Remove the front and use it as a seat liner pad for your pushchair.
  • Complete with zip in the middle, inside and at the sides.
  • Includes seat support straps.
  • Inside feet protector.
  • Shields from the wind.
  • Protects from the cold.
  • Hard wearing and stain resistant.
  • Top quality zip and materials.
  • Dimensions: 105 x 53 cm approx.


Fitting & Installation:

Conventional footmuffs with 'eyelet holes' (even ones that are classed as universal) allow for individual pushchair shoulder and waist harness straps to pull through individually inside the footmuff. However, these types of footmuffs don't fit all pushchairs on the market. This is because new safety standards which are making pushchair harnesses were the harness shoulder and waist straps are continuously one strap.

This means that if your pushchair has a 5-Point safety harness were the shoulder and waist straps are permanently joined together and therefore cannot be separated, then this footmuff is what you definitely require. This Nest universal footmuff doesn't use 'eyelet holes', instead they have been replaced with a back Velcro section where you can pull any 5 or 3 point harness through into the footmuff, making it truly universal.

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