Cosatto 4 Year Guarantee

This is big. We collect, repair and return your product in 5 working days. You stay where you are. Simple.

Request spare parts by 4.30pm and you’ll get them the next day.

Just book in online or phone. We’ll do the rest.

The Cosatto Cuddle is our promise of outstanding cover, advice, peace of mind and revolutionary service excellence.
We wanted to give you a guarantee like no other. We set about it the same way we create your stuff – crafted for long-term love, crafted for real life. The 600-journeys-a-year type real life.

The world sat up and took notice when we introduced it. We thought of everything you could possibly need then went beyond that. That’s why our 4 year guarantee is revolutionary. It covers that journey from dot to kid. That’s a peaceful little lifetime of use.

With our above and beyond product testing and intense product development, we think it’s unlikely you’ll need this guarantee - but that’s not the point.

Once you buy your Cosatto you’re in the family.