Babymoov Yummy Lunch Set

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Childs first lunch set

The perfect set for your child’s first meals! with Badabulle, mealtimes are fun & colourful! a sloth that plays guitar? a llama that blows bubbles? all these colourful characters develop your baby's imagination and make mealtimes fun. Cutlery, a plate, cup, bowl & even a bib are included in this complete meal set specially designed for baby. The plate can hold plenty of food and the bowl is deep, ideal for purées and compotes. as your child grows, they can continue to use their bowl to eat other foods like breakfast cereals. the cup is adaptable. it has a removable spout suitable for tiny mouths. the 3 items of cutlery (fork, knife with rounded tip and spoon) have an easy-to-use handle specially designed for little hands. there is no denying that your child can easily become covered in food. to keep your baby’s clothes as clean as possible, a large bib (soft with velcro) is included in the set. The whole meal set is microwave- and dishwasher-proof. The bib is machine washable at 30°.


Yummy Lunch Set Features

7 pieces: this child's meal set includes a plate, bowl, cup, cutlery with rounded tips (fork, knife and spoon) and a large sleeveless bib

Adaptable: you can use the plate and bowl as soon as your baby starts weaning onto solid foods and for several years afterwards

Cup with spout: the cup in this mealtime set has a detachable spout, making it particularly suitable for young children

Large bib: this child's bib provides maximum protection for your child's clothes. it is soft and fastens with velcro

Easy care: the whole meal set is suitable for the microwave and dishwasher. the bib is machine washable at 30


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